Onsite Equipment

It has always been our philosophy to merge product supply to complete the site installation for the end user / contractor. It is easier to contain not just the larger components but the smaller accessories that make up the entire system. To that end we have amassed a collection of quality built products to fill out the site requirements. The following are a few of the many items that we carry in stock.

  • Clarus – Residential and commercial effluent filters, pump filter vaults, distribution boxes, splitters, bull run valves, hydro indexing automatic distribution valves.
  • Tuff Tite – Distribution boxes, drain boxes, drain grating, speed levelers.
  • Fluid Dynamics – Siphons (effluent and sewage).
  • Hydro Indexing Valves with Zone Indicator.
  • Demand and time dose effluent pump control panels.