Engineered Pump is well positioned in pump control panel supply. We supply at all levels from small residential single family dwelling to large communities and even entire towns. For these reasons we have a unique perspective and can work with any control device from a simple manual starter and a float switch to the most complex multiple level input (float, pressure transducer, ultrasonic transducer, radar, differential air pressure, etc.) We can overlap the technologies on each and produce hybrid controls that can be up-scaled to suit the individual clients’ needs.

  • Residential – We stock and supply simplex and duplex panels, indoor and outdoor feature rich with imbedded controls and solid state circuitry, manufactured by either North West Tech Con systems Ltd (NWTC) or SJE Rhombus
  • Commercial – We stock and supply products from NWTC, Rhombus, Primex (a subsidiary of Rhombus) and Tulsar Inc.
  • Industrial / Municipal – We have built to specification panels manufactured by Tulsar Inc. and Primex Controls.
  • Pump Control Kiosk – We manufacture many large scale, fully featured kiosk’s built to suit custom applications, with and without full service entrance equipment.